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A white person who acts like a caricature of a ghetto black. Whegro is generally used by those uncomfortable saying whigger because it is derived from nigger. See also whafrican American
That whegro needs to pull up his pants and get a job.
by Mike Oxhard July 10, 2006
1.(N): A white person who talks, acts, prefers the same cultures and wears the same brand of clothing as most African-Americans. The word is used as a stereotype for those who are Whegroes.
(i.e.): A white (hence the Wh)person, Usually Male, Who wears clothing and shoes such as Rocawear, Phat farm, Fubu,Timberland, etc. And who talks with an African-American accent. Most of these Whegroes never go back to being white.
by Hallie January 31, 2005
The WHite nEGRO, or, the whegro. For the most part, worse than a whigger.
Dude, that kid is beyond whigger.. he's a WHEGRO!!
by Buh-ryan the Wunderfool July 19, 2003
The combination of a white and a negro. A.K.A. Wigger.
"Dude, Whegros Suck!"
"Whegros are so annoying."
"Fuckin Whegros"
by Squee September 22, 2004
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