Someone who spends a lot of time in their bedroom, doing who knows what. They are probably playing video games or touching themselves, for that is all they do. Not to be confused with someone successful.
- Hey did you see Joe last weekend?
- No, I think he spent last week in his bedroom, eating pizza and crap alone.
- Man, its a shame he turned into a Wheeler.
by WashingtonDCscholars August 08, 2011
Top Definition
One who succeeds at and dominates everything he does.
The Wheeler is my hero!
by italian stalion pulli May 06, 2005
a boy who asks girls for sex, one who makes out with every girl he can get his hands on, a sexy mother freaker, a pimp!
haha that kid is such a wheeler he gets girls no probs
by katayyoo January 18, 2009
The small patch of facial hair found right under your lip.
Dawg you need to shave, your wheeler is driving me crazy.
by Desiree Sucar April 26, 2007
the small patch of facial hair under the center of a man's bottom lip. Named for the legendary Government teacher/Rugby player from Miami, Florida
He became measurably more cool when he grew a Wheeler
by Brian Wheeler July 11, 2006
The act of receiving sex in the oral fashion while the male counterpart is confined to a wheelchair.
Mikey totally got a wheeler from Katie last night.
by Dr. Mantis Tobbogan November 17, 2013
A small town in Wheeler county located in the panhandle of Texas. Named after Royal Tyler Wheeler, this town in known for Alan Bean, Texas county, and for having tons of drinking, even though it is in a dry county.
I live in Wheeler. MLIA
by Rhyme-over-polka December 04, 2010
A master pimp. Someone who is always hitting on girls. "mack daddy"
Tom is such a wheeler, he has a girl under each arm.
by Bob December 03, 2003
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