Someone who drives 4WD vehicles off road.
There are a lot wheelers out on the trail today.
by Cool Dude December 24, 2004
someone who refuses to wipe their butt after pooing, and therefore has dried, crusty flakes of poo in their butt nonstop. These flakes often fall out, creating a poop trail making wheelers easy to discover.
You can always tell when Wheeler was here...

I like butt cause i'm wheeler!
by bobby boby and billy May 02, 2005
One who loves bum and getting pwned by ultra nubz0rz. Also, loves taking gay porn pictures with a camera phone. Being wheeler must include a lopsided head and many other gay features.
Wheeler got pwned by ladenheim.
by Toasted Toast April 28, 2005
Patrick Sean Wheeler I of Lawrence Massachusetts a.k.a. Lord of the flame; a p. wheels or wheeler is one insane individual who lives for chaos and destruction, whether by huge fires or explosions, or dangerous car driving, or a person who just can't get any sex.
Oh look at that poor wheeler no matter how hard he tries he can't fuck her.
by Bennie December 07, 2004
a gay narb with a lopsided head and ADD who live to take it up the but and red rockets. Wheelers suck butt at halo 2 and alwyas gte pwned. typically, wheelers are jewish and nazis.
wheeler loves butt!

wheeler luvs dinky!
by mcspanky April 29, 2005
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