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you and you're buddy have to secretly plan this, and you have to be cool with your buddy fucking your girl.

when having sex with your girlget her over to a window, have your buddy quietly and quickly switch with you so now he is fucking the girl. then you run around outside to the window and wave to the girl
me and my bud pissed this girl off when we pulled the window switch on her
#window #switch #sex #window switch #funny
by bigbadmet October 01, 2007
when a guyt covers his pee hole while masturbating, thinkng it will act like a garden hose and spray farther.
he is so stupid, he actually thinks plugging his dick like a garden hose will make him shoot farther
#garden hose #pee hole #ejaculation #shooting #masturbation
by bigbadmet June 08, 2007
pleasuring a girl by sticking their nose up her vagina
i was nosing her so hard last night
#nose #vagina #pleasure #nosing #sex
by bigbadmet June 08, 2007
a bunch of dude stand around a round table with their erections lying on the table. a girl lays on the table spins her around and what ever dick she stops at, she has to suck
i got a blow job from playing wheel of fortune last night
#wheel of fortune #blowjob #erection #spin the bottle #dick
by bigbadmet June 08, 2007
when a guy is giving a girl head, for extra pleasure he reaches around and fists her asshole
jeff french horned jenny last night
#french horn #fisting #sex #head #asshole
by bigbadmet June 08, 2007
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