A horrible school with suburban pressures.
Wheatley is a bad school.
by Dude December 28, 2004
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NOT a bad school..but simply a country club. where kids get away with everything and do what they want, when they want. no one wears the same outfit EVER. almost everyone's car is a bmw/lexus/mercedes/audi. everyone is a JAP
cutting a class when you had a quiz.. the teacher finds you later on that day, you don't get in trouble and you can make up the quiz.
by whateveryouwannacallme April 29, 2005
Note: It's only fair to point out this article may contain spoilers.

Character from the video game Portal 2. Helps you through the first part of the game to the point where you remove Glados from power. At that point he betrays you and sends you to the abandoned part of Apeture Science, forcing you to form a partnership with Glados to stop him.
Wheatley nearly kills Chell and Glados so many times it's not even funny.
by Gaaraofthedamned July 29, 2011
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