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the rough texture of a penis
His penis felt wheaty.
by Q&C February 22, 2005
7 4
The breakfast of champions.
Mommy, I'm gonna have some wheaties for breakfast, because I'm a champion.
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
186 47
When you wake up in the morning with a girl next to you that you hardly know and then have great butt sex with her. It is the new breakfast of champions.
8:30 am....
"Steve, how do I get back to your place?"
"You take Franklin back to LaSalle...wait where the fuck are you?"
"I slept at some girls place."
"Did you bang her?"
"No, but I ate my wheaties when I woke up."
"I fucked her in the ass."
"Oh, word."
"Ya, it's the new breakfast of champions."
by Steve SSSSS December 28, 2007
55 49
the rough and grainy texture of a penis
"His penis felt very wheaty."
by Q&C February 22, 2005
3 8
really good weed
Man, let's go get some wheaties!
by FiberOneMasteRRR March 15, 2009
8 22