the rough texture of a penis
His penis felt wheaty.
by Q&C February 22, 2005
Top Definition
The breakfast of champions.
Mommy, I'm gonna have some wheaties for breakfast, because I'm a champion.
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
Pronounced wee-T.

1. A slanderous word used to describe brown people in the same way that nigger was used to describe black people.

2. Also, a very crumbly cracker.
Amanda "Did. You see that brown man asking for stuff?"
Jason "Yeah! What a wheaty."
by Jamandason September 09, 2014
When you wake up in the morning with a girl next to you that you hardly know and then have great butt sex with her. It is the new breakfast of champions.
8:30 am....
"Steve, how do I get back to your place?"
"You take Franklin back to LaSalle...wait where the fuck are you?"
"I slept at some girls place."
"Did you bang her?"
"No, but I ate my wheaties when I woke up."
"I fucked her in the ass."
"Oh, word."
"Ya, it's the new breakfast of champions."
by Steve SSSSS December 28, 2007
the rough and grainy texture of a penis
"His penis felt very wheaty."
by Q&C February 22, 2005
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