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An undefined and indefinable relationship between 2 people involving sexual, emotional or romantic elements.
Gladys and Bob are not dating or in a serious relationship...they are in a whatevership!
by Whatevership Girl December 07, 2010
A relationship/friendship between a guy and a girl. I guy will say whatevership when he neither wants to confuse/makes things awkward by calling it a relationship and does not to potentially put the girl in the friend zone by accident. A whatevership is in between a friendship and relationship.
Luke: Hey John, you and Sarah seem to be hitting it off. Are you in a relationship or something?

John: No, we are in a whatevership. She's in a devoted relationship with Ben and we just happen to act like we are in a relationship, minus the kissing and other physical stuff.

Luke: So that makes you friends then?

John: I aint putting her in the friend-zone by accident dude. Have you seen her in a swimsuit? I'll just bide my time until she finds out Ben made out with Hannah while drunk at a party two weeks ago.
by Stang October 30, 2013