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Of Jamacian-English patois derivation, a contraction of the question 'What's going on?'
'whatagwan star, ya gunna hit up da spot tanite?'
by whiskymack February 21, 2004
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This means, "What's going on?" It is shortened to, "What a gwan!"

what a gwan Sean Kingston is going on
Said by Sean Kingston in alot of his songs.
What a gwan!
by OMGgirl;D August 31, 2009
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what's going on?
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
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What's going on
Whatagwan selectah! bup!


Whatagwan guyee at da club tonight!~
by ian daffern March 12, 2003
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Whata gwan is a way Jamaicans basically say whats up or whats going on.
Sean Kingston starts off most of his songs by saying Whata gwan.
by mynameisqwertykeyboard December 29, 2011
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