What is new, or going on.
What it is son.
by Nate Hamer January 15, 2003
Top Definition
An all but lost phrase from the seventies era of ebonics, the closest contemporary equivalent being, "What up?" WHAT IT IS is often a rhetorical question like, "How's it hanging?" or "What's going on?"
"What it is, Jeffro? Slip me some skeein!"
by Doug Mesner June 18, 2004
A Black solidarity greeting of the 1970's, expressing philosophic agreement as to the present, past and future state of the black history/culture/experience.
First Brother: "What it IS!"
Second Brother: "What it WAS!"
Both together: "What it SHALL BE"

Often accompanied by various secret handshakes and signs
by PJ Poppyjoe March 15, 2005
whats up?
how u been?
what it do?
watz goin on?
Q.What it is, yo??

R.Chillen chillen what it is?
by marizzle fo shizzle May 15, 2006
a question, usually, if not always, the question is

"what's up?"
Stew walks up to Quintavius

Stew: "hey"

Quintavius: "What it is?"

by Jesus Martinez September 20, 2006
Another way to ask what is going on.
Guy1: Hello
Guy2: What it is
by Tswitz00 November 15, 2006
askin one how are they,or what have they been up to.
MAN1:what it is wit u?
MAN2: nig i can't call it..

by Z.S. April 04, 2008
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