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another way of sayin "wussup", mostly used in the bay area.
" ey bro bro, who at your pad right now?"
" that nigga Jose"
" oh aight tell him i said WHAT IS IT?"
by nicOya4O8 June 20, 2005
What it is? What it do? Its all the same, its all that YAY AREA talk. We out here mayne, It's Nuuthin!
"What is it?"
"Its Nuthin pimpin"
by BayBoss October 18, 2004
A game invented in the early 21st Century by someone in Suffolk, UK on facebook.
A close up of an object is posted on the individual's facebook with the tag Whatisit?

Once you have made an attempt at an answer - your inbox will be full of other peoples guesses in minutes...
Isn't Whatisit? frustratungly facebooky?
by astralandrew March 23, 2011
a greeting that bears a similar meaning to "what's up?" or "how's it going?"
Hey, what is it main?
by Evanc June 10, 2005
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