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Computer slang for backslash backslash
Go to whack-whack MyComputerName whack c dollar sign. \\MyComputerName\c$
by James February 24, 2005
When you or someone else gets far too excited about something which has happened.
*Guy Pulls A Headshot On A Game Online* " Whack Whack! "

Girl: We don't need to go to college today, we have no lesson plan.
Guy: Ahhhh, Whack Whack!
by Dameon Skum March 07, 2009
The white man's version of "cray cray"
"That Coldplay album is so whack whack!"
by Fish Nipple June 05, 2014
tylers wee-wee/penis
tyler has a whack-whack
by Gina ann slore tyler November 12, 2004
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