To perform an act of masturbation.
Someone that is being a dick.
1. Why don't you go whackoff for a while.
2. You're being a whackoff.
3. That guys a whackoff.

I'm joining these two words to make one better word.
by Keith Wolff October 29, 2004
Top Definition
to mastrubate, jack off
Dude, I am going to whack off in the corner
by Travis December 08, 2002
my favorite pasttime, next to sleeping
i like to whack off several times a day, it feels so good
by Yakov the Jack off September 29, 2003
The gift that keeps on giving!
Making love to yourself.
If I whack off with both hands, that's a perfect ten.
by England phi beta gamma April 04, 2008
Can mean one of two things:

1) To stroke a penis, either by masturbation or by doing it for someone else
2) To kill someone in Maphia lingo
For definition 1: "I'm whacking off right now.", "Your sister whacked me off last night."

For definition 2: "If I find out Lenny's wearing a wire, you're gonna whack him off.", "I'm going to whack you off if you don't whack off Lenny."
by Eric Switzern November 21, 2011
Something extremely large or noisy.
"The car hit him and I heard this whack-off BANG"
"She has whack-off breasts." (This can also link to "whack off" meaning "to masturbate")
by Gabez November 29, 2009
to have sex with Pamela Handerson
I fucked her good last night, Pamela Handerson that is.
by Guy Mann December 28, 2003
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