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weto means a mexican, latino, hispanic dude that looks like a white boy.
paul wall is a weto haha
its usually not a good thing when people call you a weto when you are hispanic.
by EmoKidsAreFags April 19, 2006
The correct spelling is actually "guero." It's used by mexicans to describe a man with light complexion and blond hair. The only reason why it's spelled "weto" by these dumb shit heads is because they are probably mexican americans who watch way too much BET and talk black. They basically forgot to write and speak in spanish.
idiot:yeah nigga it was this weto out der, you feel me.

mexican guy: wtf is wrong with you?
by tu madre guey April 02, 2008
A Spanish term for a man with naturally Blond hair.
Wetos are most common among Northern Europeans, more so than indigenous inhabitants of Spain.
by Dan August 12, 2003
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