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a overly perverted person who gets no action therfore he may have wet hands as a result of personal plesure
that kid who sits in the back with his head down and his hands in his pockets is a wet hand
by no pockets January 14, 2008
verb: To grasp or touch something with
a wet hand.

Usually refers to the handling
of delicate electronic
equiptment or communication
devices by the poor bastards
who live their lives on-call
and are required to always be
at least within arm's-reach of
said devices 24/7.
"I wet-handed my cellphone when I took
a call coming out of the shower this
morning, now it's locked up on me."


"Keep on cracking-wise with me buddy,
and I'll wet-hand your stinkin'
Blackberry most Ricky-tick!
Believe Dat!"
by goodcop8 August 04, 2007
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