To take shots or drink any alcoholic beverage, mainly vodka/liquor to the point you are atleast tipsy.
Yo, its thirsty thursday and we got drinks on deck. That means its time to get Wet Up! Holla Atcha Gwalla
by TeddiGraham March 02, 2010
Top Definition
To shoot or (sometimes stab)a person several times, usually in an attempt to murder them. Called "wet up" because there is enough blood to soak their clothes, leaving them "wet".
example of wet up:

" Set me up, wet me up, niggas stuck me up
Heard the guns bust but you tricks never shut me up" -2Pac
by MeAgain October 14, 2006
To be shot up stabbed resulting in death.
Man Marcus was stuntin on some bangsta last night and got wet up.
by Young Ceize August 16, 2005
to be soaked and drenched in your own blood due to gunshots or stab wounds
i heard someone got "wet up" at the ghetto club uptown last night.
by JakeJohn August 10, 2012
To verbally outline your excited emotion whilst hang gliding!
Hahaha did you hear Wilson yelp 'Wet up' as he landed?!?!
by Wilson_fly August 24, 2010
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