Wet seal is basically when you slap a girl in the face with your semi-hard dick. Variations include a facial THEN a wet seal, or a wet seal followed quickly by another wet seal in the other direction. Whenever wet seals are performed, they must be declared. You must let the person know that they have been wet sealed. This also applies to the non-literal definition of wet seal in which you just make someone look like an idiot.
You've just been wet sealed!
by Tim April 03, 2005
When a girl juggles your balls on her nose like a seal.
Juggle those mofos beeeyotch!!!
by Dez Nutaz December 11, 2003
a vagina "owned" by a black man; though often misused to refer to vaginas in general.
Tyrone owned my wet seal this morning. Man, I love morning sex.


My wet seal is sore. Damn that Tyrone!
by Nate Belois February 23, 2005
Awesome. Store. Shopping. Fun. preppy...I think not! Gooooooo Wet Seal!
I went to the mall and bought this tres cute skirt at wet seal! Yay!
by Farrah March 01, 2004

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