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Term used in milltown,nj if you chill down at boro park for long periods of time everyday.
eww! look at all the boro rats
by xxalaska101xx January 23, 2011
Little Park in Milltown,NJ that everyone likes to go to cause theres nothing better to do and they have no fucking lives.
im so bored. lets see if anyones at boro
by xxalaska101xx January 23, 2011
lingo coming from milltown,nj. how to say "guy" the proper way. (gu-i)
hey thats the gui that was tlking to that gui with that gui over there by that gui
by xxalaska101xx January 25, 2011
When you and your friends run a train on a girl and shes really fat and you dont want anyone to know so you give her a code name.
the wet seal had one hairy chin man i felt it
by xxalaska101xx January 23, 2011
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