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a sex act performed on a girl. The wet danny is a signature move that comes from the Dallas, TX area. Basically, a wet danny is when you are slamming a girl from behind in a bathroom. While doing it doggystyle, you shove her head into the toilet and flush it. This is a wet danny. If turds are present at the time, it can be referred to as a log ride.
I hooked up with a random in a bathroom and gave her a serious wet danny.
by Nicky Caesar & Vinnie Cazzo August 01, 2004
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When index finger is inserted into the anus and poked in anothers ear. ( inline with wet willys)
by ScoobyNorthflow November 12, 2009
When one is engaging in sexual intercourse from behind/doggy style ( vaginal or anal ) you stick your partners (taker) in the toilet and flush the toliet.
When Jack was vigorously pounding Jill from behind, stuck her head in the toliet and flushed giving her a wet danny. When the toliet flushed his hand got wet so he donkey punched her for squirming around.
by Dr_Bomber September 15, 2010

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