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1. Sending a photograph over the Internet to a young, naive, or unsuspecting recipient where the photograph is lewd, explicit, or suggestive.

2. Using a dubious excuse when caught sending something inapprpriate by email, Facebook, twiitter or other electronic means.
1. boyfriend to girlfriend I was going to send you a picture of myself wearing your necklace, but I realized that would be too weinerish.

2. girlfriend to boyfriend Are you trying to tell me that someone else sent an email from your gmail account to my best friend asking her to have a threesome? That is the most weinerish thing I've ever heard.
by UCL 17200 June 18, 2011
Something that is scared of anything. Acting like a pansy.
The homosapien was being weinerish.
by tiney hoppers December 31, 2009

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