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1. An Abbreviation of the town "West Chicago" Located in the Burbs of Chicago.

2. Abbreviation reffering to the Schools located in West Chicago. Mostly the Middle School and the Highschool.

3. A Chant also used at Middle School Music / sports Tournements in West Chicago.
"I live and grew up in Wego"

"Where did you go to Highschool?"
"I attended Wego"
"What About Middle School?"
"I attented Wego Middle School"

"Go go Wego Go Go"
by Youkulm May 25, 2005
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When you think you have a word in Scrabble, assuming that it is in Urban Dictionary, when in fact, the word does not exist. Thus, it has screwed you over and you've wasted your turn.
He pulled a Wegos move on the first turn. How could Urban Dictionary fail me this time???
by TrinityForce April 01, 2012
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The ego of a two or more people, who are able to create more awesome together than they can alone ...i.e., the "we-ego" instead of the "I-ego".
So I was with my best bud and were just vibing after a couple of beers and we came up with all these great new business ideas....we have a really strong wego when we drink together.
by dictionarydrew June 06, 2014
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1)A bastardized term for West Chicago, IL.

2)An identical location to Mexico.

3)Home of the worst Badminton team to ever grace the earth.
Yeah, I was driving in Wego and I got run over by a mexican on I'm retarded and confined to a wheelchair.
by SentinelDeMilo May 13, 2005
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Short for Oswego, a town outside of Chicago.
"Yo daw' where you from"
"Da Wego duu'"
by THall August 25, 2009
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