1. the word meaning "bird" in amharic but is used by a "Jeremy" aka "Avatar" aka "Shemsu" to describe looking nice i.e looking fly- like a bird- get it?

2. also used in times of distress and annoyance. It can be used distressing/ annoying a person and also whilst at times of distress and being annoyed at someone
1. do I look nice in this
yes you look "weff"

"you are quiet the 'weff'-ist"

2. KK- "can you do the dishes- please?"

Shemsu- "weff"
by KayKayLondon December 06, 2010
A creature of the night
Guy 1: Oh man I saw a Weff last night.
Guy 2: Wow and you're still alive, that's lucky.
by shadow157157 January 08, 2009
shorthand for What Ever Fuck Face, used to reply someone who is being a reticent asshole and refuses to be truthful
guy : I can't see you tonight

girl : WEFF
by theenigma33 January 09, 2009

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