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The sound a horse makes instead of a neigh, at least according to Spongebob Squarepants.
Found in the episode My Pretty Seahorse, where Spongebob finds Mystery the seahorse.
Mystery: neighhhhhhh
Mr. Krabs: What was that?
Spongebob: Just practicing my impression of Mystery, Mr. Krabs! Weesnaw!
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Spongebob : No Mr. Krabs.. that was uhh just me doing my imitation of Mystery. Weesnaw.

Mr. Krabs : Well then.. keep working on it,cause it's terrible.

(Those probably weren't the exact words but it's as close as I can remember.)
by shuffles August 02, 2006
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Depends on the region of the United States. In the South and Middle America, it is an unmentionable body part. In the West it is a mythical sea horse. In the East, it is an exclamatory remark. It can also be used as a term of affection.
In the South: Uh oh, my weesnaw is really hurting. I better go get this checked out.

In the East: Weesnaw!! The sox won again!
In the West: someday, I hope to catch a Weesnaw.

As a term of affection: I love you my Weesnaw
by Snawlover October 21, 2015
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An amazing animal found under the see. Usually pink and yellow. can also be used as a compliment. " your looking very weesnaw today "
They are kind and very friendly animals once you get to know one.
by Earl--- March 22, 2009
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jessie: did you get tickets for weesnaw yet?
josh: yeah and since i preordered, i got a pair of horseshoes, too.
by josh alan December 20, 2008
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Its when someone pukes on your dick during a blowjob.
Harry Weesnaw'd all over Zayn.
by THAFUDGEWHACKA August 11, 2014
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Weesnaw, is used when someone has just been told disappointing news or when someone has just been assigned a big task. Mainly used instead of sigh.
I haven't brushed my teeth in like 3 weeks....weesnaw....
by Guacacole December 08, 2010
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