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the two big floppy things that cover a possums ass.
1. Look at the weenus on that possum!!!!
2. That possum has a double weenus!!!
3. That possums weenus is bigger than yours!!!
by Weenus January 28, 2005
21 51
The skin on your elbows. It can be stretched out, and, like a penis, you can compare the size of it to others.
It is a flap of skin.
It holds your elbows in.
It sounds like penis,
But it is weenus,
Oh, Yes, It is!!!

"My weenus is bigger than yours!!!"
by Faith March 24, 2004
1461 431
the extra skin on your elbow when you stretch your arm out.
look guys! i can touch my weenus to my knees!
by kram June 06, 2004
434 317
the small flap of skin that can be pulled outward from your elbow
check out my WEENUS, I bet its bigger than yours!
by Chrissy-T February 15, 2005
262 212
the skin on ur elbow...DUH!!!
old ppl's weenus stretches down to the ground and will turn ur smile upside down!
by tommy salomi November 26, 2005
209 215
the skin on your elbow
"I bet you $10 you can't lick your weenus"
by mom of boys... May 25, 2009
27 38
a weenus is all that extra flip flap flub on the middle of your arm or most commonly known as an elbow
it can be streched ,played with or bitten
by la fanda August 11, 2007
44 58
Like a penis, people try to touch their mouths to their own weenuses, but can't.
Can you touch your tongue to your weenus?
by secret_code_name April 27, 2009
152 170