Extra skin on the elbow even skinny people have.
my buddy and i are thinking of getting our weenises pierced.
by DroBlowin July 19, 2006
Your weenis is the jiggly bit of extra skin on a bent elbow. Go ahead and pinch it! Eveyone has it, even chicks!
Walk up to complete strangers in public and say, "Excuse me gentlemen, but can I touch your weenis, please?" Then get then to stand like they are being frisked, with a puzzled look on their faces, to the amusement of your friends. Beware of asking Old Balls guys, as the weenis tends to sag in old age.
by Peanutgirl May 26, 2006
The excess skin on your elbo
You have a big weenis
by Melissa19 August 02, 2005
I like to like my weenis!
by Ashely July 12, 2005
The skin located on your elbows.
Hey your weenis is looking a little dry there. You should get some lotion for that
by Tahsiyn Robinson August 29, 2006
The tough skin enclosing your elbow.
"Will you masticate my weenis?"

"You left your weenis at my house last night...you might want to come pick it up..."

"You just touched my weenis, what are you thinking you sick perv."
by Fuzzy December 27, 2004
no, it's not weenie/penis, it's weenis. your elbow!
don't touch my weenis.
it's physically impossible to lick your weenis, unless your a freak.
your funny bone is by your weenis.
by sparky December 15, 2003

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