Extra skin on the elbow even skinny people have.
my buddy and i are thinking of getting our weenises pierced.
by DroBlowin July 19, 2006
frank and mags word
we are weens
by weenis numero uno August 26, 2003
A term off MR Show
dude show me your weenis
by Gentle Ben August 28, 2003
a typo my friend made when trying to spell the word 'penis'
i'm going t kick you in the weenis
by bob the egg July 18, 2003
Used as another word for the big toe
oh man, I just stubbed my weenis
by Torie Bish April 21, 2008
a robotic penis; or what a humanoid robot would be assumed to have if it had a penis.
Monroe said he would use his camel clutch technique on any robot fighter, taking care not to make contact with the weenis.
by FistDeath October 30, 2003
the skin between your thumb and forefinger
ack! you bit my weenis!!! or. i have a weenis.
by Aria July 12, 2003
Weenis is not the skin on your elbow, it's not a penis either. Its that moving skin when you seperate your thumb and your index finger, you see this stretchy extra skin between your fingers, that extra skin is your weenis. Scientists couldn't come up with a name for it, so they called it the weenis. Tihs is the true meaning for weenis. Its in health books.
Ow! you cut my weenis, I can't move my thumb anymore!!!
by Dominizzle Fo' Shizzle January 15, 2006

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