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A sweedish foghorn used exclusively in Argentina. Created for people who hack into the pentagon security files and kidnaps and/or brainwashes Japenese music artists.
Hey! That Weelow is LOUD
by J-supernizzle April 22, 2007
Anyone person who:
1. is a fog horn
2. hacks the pentagon
3. Kidnaps a married Japanese Popstar
4. Brainwashes above popstar into become his wife
5. Moves to Argentina to avoid the FBI
6. Masters DS tetris

The Weelow is a loner, who usually spends most of his day sleeping and this night awake playing a Nintendo DS or using a computer. He is a victim of the system who cannot have cats.
I pulled a Weelow last night. The flight to Argentina was killer but it was worth it because I had my Utada Weelow nest to me.
by Whataboutyesterday May 06, 2007