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weekend devoted to smoking as much weed as possible

Crip #1-Yo dawg...ganjulation this weedend?
Crip #2-Hell yeah...we gonna get high as hell.
by Teddy Kirk June 14, 2006
a weekend full of weed.
"How did your weedend go?"
"Man, it was crazzyy, I'm still recovering"
by ash-smash July 18, 2008
Weekends are for losers...Weedends are where its at..if you know what i mean
We're gonna have so much fun this weedend!

I can't wait for this weedend!

This weedend's gonna be a blast
by peaceeeeee September 11, 2010
weedend, weekends; duh, What the weekends are for to clear your mind... Book ends for the mind
Johnson Says, "What did you do this weedend bro"? I said, "Well, you know it was the weekend. Blazed up mad shit yo"!
by October 03, 2005
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