The best mind-altering substance ever. Freewheelin' Franklin said it best:
Weed: "Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you throught times of no dope."
-Freewheelin' Franklin of the Fabulous Furry Freek Brothers Underground Comics.
by Navy Dave July 10, 2008
an herb grown by gnomes containing shit that makes you wicked baked. weed comes in many different varieties form afgan kush to skunk. pushed on the street by dope boys, marijuana is very good for you and it calms you down and focuses you in many aspects. if you are a lightweight you will buy weed by the dime bag or nickel bag but if you are a heavy hitter you buy weed by the ounce or pound. only bosses buy by the kilo which is equal to a lot. some side effects are uncontrollable laughter, mellowness, sleepyness, and aixelsid. weed can be very potent and very shitty. some good shit that i have been growin with high thc content is sour diesel. dont buy mersh or mids causee it gets u high for 3 minutes and than you crash and get very tierd. warning i typed this definition under the influence of marijuana.
i sit down with this bag of weed that give me the shit needed to be the most meanest emm cee-eminem
by nigga nan March 24, 2009
A natural substance mostly grown sometimes warmer, and tropical regions. It can be obtained most anywhere. Is not addictive like most drugs. It is less harmful than both cigarettes and alcohol. Sometimes refered to as: pot, marijuana, green, bud, ganja, cannabis, reefer. Some of the higher quality weed (meaning it contains more THC, the chemical that gets you high) is refered to as: dank, chronic, sticky icky. When you smoke weed you get high, which normally makes you have a better look out on life, especially things like music, food, and sleep.
Why should weed be illegal, it makes you happy, hungry, and sleepy. Whats so bad about that?
by Wolfganag January 20, 2007
a gift from god, smoke it at 4:20, you will laugh a lot when your using it, you eat a fuck load, heaven
bob marley is the weed king son
by peps3 April 17, 2006
A plant that when smoked (or consumed in other various ways) causes a euphoric state that difers depending on the weed smoked, the method it was smoked in, your tolerance, and your current mood. The only reasons weed is illegal is because you can make virtually anything out of hemp. But I say why make jeans that feel like shit out of pot, when you can smoke it! Weed is proven to be less dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol, or any other mind altering substance for that matter. With no proven deaths and no real consequences, weed is safer than fucking water.
I'm a recovering alcoholic and at six-months sober I got high for the first time before school... I aced a math test that day. In my freshan year (I still drank) I had 5 F's and a D, in my sophmore year (moved on to weed) I maintain a B+ average and a better home life. Right now the only thing dangerous about weed is if you get caught with it... unless your like me and have good friends in the pig-force.

~~420 EVERY DAY~~
by wannacheechabowlwithme January 15, 2007
It is the ultimate non-physically addictive happy grass that makes things like sex, food, tv, music and driving so freaking awesome. Weed helps with my seasonal depresion better than any prescription drug and unlike prescription anti-depressants doesn't build physical dependancy. It also works almost instantly, unlike the drugs so my blues is gone within 5 mins of me taking a couple of hits. Weed is my ultimate drug of choice.
Abusing herb (smoking out the whole day, every day hehehe...) CAN have a bit of mental dependency, but no major effects if you go without it. Also NOT smoking, or taking a break for about a couple of days will actually make you feel more energetic and appreciate how weed doesnt affect you permanently. To all the people who knock on weed and then go and smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol -- you're all a bunch of hypocrites! (P.S. Gandalf and the hobbits smoke that "Shire weed" hahaha)
by Gandalf The Puffing Wizard February 17, 2007
Weed: Pastparticipal of to wee

Weed: Bud to smoke

Weed: Unwanted horticultural growth
Man I drank so much of Farmer Jacks cider last night, check this I weed myself before I got my johnson out of my trousers tripped and fell face flat in the weed garden and had to smoke the last of my weed just to get my shit back together.
by Dan April 25, 2003
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