uhhhh...the best thing ever
i think weed is the best think ever
by bob dole March 17, 2005
Slang for marijuana. Weed is most often smoked as an illegal drug all over the world.
That man was arrested for smoking weed.
by Ainolketta March 09, 2005
the sticky icky ooowweeee, for weed smokers click kristle
iim so high i just had a session of weed smoking
by :D February 12, 2003
the ultamate substence that will fix any bad day no matter the extent of the day. weed is the coolest thing ther ever was and i belive everyone sould get the chance to experiance its greatness.
some stoner:"so ur mom died, ur wife cheated on u, ur being aouteded, sued by a rich gay man, and ur in trouble with the mob u say... u whant some weed?"
depresed guy:"ok"
(5 min later)
depresed guy:"ISNT IT GRATE TO BE ALIVE!?" "dont u feel like every breath is a grate gift from the above"
some stoner:"fuckin burnout"
by black panda January 23, 2007
An under apreicated flower
A dandylion is not a weed, it's just an underapriciated flower
by Mystic_Snowfang August 20, 2008
another word for hash, marajuana, hemp etc.
also used as another word for cool, awsome, totally, no way etc
Also used as a word when in enjoying ones self.
usually used by males
Usually not used to describe people.
If something seems unusually cool or exited can be streched out.
This party is weed!
Weed! I got him right in the head!
Guy: Wanna come watch the super bowl at my house?
Guy's Friend: weeeeed

by HaHaGuy January 30, 2008
1) an unwanted plant that grows in an unwanted place

2) to weed (verb) the act of destroying weeds in a garden or field

3) a delightful treat for those who have done the weeding well
that *weed* is destroying my hideranger!

please *weed* the garden

once you have weeded the garden, i will give you some *weed*
by alex December 09, 2004

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