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exclamation. a softer way of saying "piss off"
- "hey, you!"
- "wee off!"
by anon55 August 28, 2006
The typical effeminate (i.e homosexual) way of saying piss off, mainly used by closeted hostile flaming teenagers. Very uncommon among people of the straight persuasion.
John: Hey Billy, let's go tease your brother for being a fairy.

Billy: Hell yeah! Cause that would make us totally masculine.

John: Hey Tulio, get your gay ass back in the kitchen and bake us some cookies, the edible kind fag!

Rafael: Wee off you meanies!
by anon1978 July 01, 2009
Weekend of Fun (possibly the world's worst acronym...?)
I'm really looking forward to the WeeofF that Belle and I have planned.
by wibblicious September 12, 2006