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A myth created by liberals to make everyone who's not of this mysterious skin color feel guilty and buy/watch a whole bunch of shit nobody cares about in February.

How come you never see any blacks anymore except on television? Because they don't exist, they're just a pigment of our imagination.
Paul: Hey, did you hear about Tyrone's Grandmother?

Bob: Paul I keep telling you Tyrone, the civil rights movement, black "culture," and all negroids in general don't fucking exist. They are not real, niggers are extinct.

*Bob is sentenced to the maximum penalty for hate speech*
by Anon1978 June 30, 2009
The typical effeminate (i.e homosexual) way of saying piss off, mainly used by closeted hostile flaming teenagers. Very uncommon among people of the straight persuasion.
John: Hey Billy, let's go tease your brother for being a fairy.

Billy: Hell yeah! Cause that would make us totally masculine.

John: Hey Tulio, get your gay ass back in the kitchen and bake us some cookies, the edible kind fag!

Rafael: Wee off you meanies!
by anon1978 July 01, 2009
The typical homosexual way of saying vagina, no one straight uses this. Seriously, when's the last time you heard someone say "I'm going to take the clunge"? Or "I'm going to plunge the hell out of that clunge?"

It sounds more like some sort of product you'd see at 1 in the morning than something you'd use an awkward sexual advance.

tl;dr a typical British word for vagina
British Male: Cheerio doll, how would you like to show off that clunge there yes indeed?

Female: What...?

British Male: *sips tea* Your cooter there

Female: What...?

British Male: Bloody hell for the love of Freddie Mercury and the Queen, your vagina!!!
by anon1978 July 02, 2009
A 1992 Spike Lee movie about some black Muslim civil rights leader who (ironically) met his demise when some black people shot him.

Obviously Lee couldn't get the rights to film MLK so a former drug dealer, pimp, and racist was the next best thing. Typical
Black guy: Hey man, did you see that new Spike Lee movie "Malcolm X"?

White guy: Yeah, I felt so guilty about some shit that happened at least one hundred years ago I took my whole family to see it.
by Anon1978 June 30, 2009

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