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A person who acts like a dictionary and explains a joke or a reference when no explanaiton is necessary.
Joe: "you see, no one except the kid interacted with Bruce Willis, because he was actually a ghost"

Mark: "thank you, Webster"

Bob: "yes, thanks, we didn't 'get that' ourselves... ugh!"
by phonuz September 05, 2006
An irresolvable question or conundrum about the nature of homo-sapiens.
Ben: “who is the faggier, the fag, or the fag who fags him?”
Luke: “wow, that is truly a faggadox!”
by phonuz September 05, 2006
A gang bang that looks, sounds, smells, tastes and feels just like the last one.
Mary: “OMG, this gang bang is just like the one last night!!!”

Everyone: “it’s a dopplegangbang, baby!”
by phonuz September 05, 2006
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