Weave is hair extentions sewn into your real hair ranging from straw-like to madame tussauds quality. Black females tend to wear this and the odd mixed-race person.
Shaneese: yeah babe, i love your new weave.

Abigail: but its making me itch bare. Its jarrin


*in a fight Crystal grabs at Bianca's hair in an attempt to pull out her weave*

Bianca: Ey wha yoo touchin ma weave for yoo boom ba clat!?
by TheORIGINALAfghanHound May 27, 2011
Attempted by many, but mastered by only some. To weave is to find your way out of trouble with a minimum of fuss, or to tag along or find your way into a situation (for the better) you weren't initially supposed to be in.

Also a form of sporting follower. A 'weaver' will weave their way into any situation, and 'get ahead of themselves', or 'overachive'.
'I'm sick of the weaver's. They're always there. Every time.'

'He'll try the weave'.
by chipper2 April 10, 2009
wig, fake hair, horse hair usually used by women who are too lazy to style their own hair. Other times they are used by women with medical issues, and have legitimate concerns about their public appearance as they have no other choice.

For the women who don't have medical issues, they are usually the ones always complaining about guys being fake and misrepresenting themselves, but yet they have no problem sporting a wig acting like its their own hair. Men have a lot more respect for women that take care of and style their own hair whether it be long or short.

About 80% of the women who wear weaves are usually shallow, lazy, stuck up, gold diggers, and/or have serious self confidence issues. Best to avoid this type unless you just want a one night stand. If they are too lazy to take care of their own appearance, chances are they are also too lazy to get a job, pay bills, or clean around the house.
Harry: "I saw Keisha yesterday and she had 15 inches of hair, I didn't realize her hair was that long, because she usually just wears an ugly shower cap all day"

Spencer: "You big dummy! that aint her real hair! She is too lazy to take care of her own hair, so she just buys weaves all the time"
by NHRATS January 01, 2012
a:A type of head-dress worn by women who prefer to have (or have no) hair.

b:Kind of like a body kit for the car, cept it's a kit for your head.

c:Hair that was stripped of a Horse, only to be worn by some biatch with some long ass nails, and usually they have a big ass and some tig ol bitties

d: something that is fun to snatch off another woman's head
check all that "weave" that biatch is wearing.
by adrian November 27, 2003
1. To make up, change or exaggerate a story to get out of trouble or improve your standing with others.
2. As above, but to get into a place or situation that the truth would not allow.

Not to be used during the weave but to explain to friends afterwards.
1. "I weaved to the missus that I was at home last night..." or "It was wall to wall birds last night and I could have shagged half of them...'' would be a weave.
"I weaved I got straight A grades on my CV"

2. "We weaved we were a film crew to get into the club"
by thebigG September 20, 2006
Long hair extensions for african american women. even tho chris nd jessy have them. But they dont count
holy crap! is that thing on ur head a squirrel? or perhaps a toupee? or maybe a mohawk...o..i see...its a weave
by Lafonda March 23, 2005
To go to a certain place.
Let´s weave down town
by Peter wedege June 08, 2005

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