Hair extensions can be used to achieve volume, colour and length. Hair weave is amazing because you don't need to wait for your hair to grow. Your natural hair is braided along your scalp in tiny horizontal cornrows. These braids are done in the middle of your scalp and should not be noticeable.
This hair weave can be achieved at Weave Got Style.
by Jade12356 November 23, 2010
Synthetic (fake) or real hair extensions worn by black women, usually in conjunction with long fake nails. Weaves are usually very easy to spot as they are different colored braids that what would naturally occur (read: red or bleach blonde).
Shit girl you see Tarmeekahs weave? dat chicken head be trippin!

Damn shorty, y'all know I can get freaky wit chu when yo weave slapin all aroun!
by Busy Bone August 04, 2003
A fake hair piece, either a whole bunch (for example a pony tail) or integrated bits of hair 'weaved' in with the rest of the hair. Mostly black in color, because the majority of people that wear them are black so they want it to blend in. However there are some people that choose, um, interesting colors...
tell my neighbor artisha that her nasty ass purple weave is disgusting, it dont matter if she is 11 its still disgusting
by Angelacia May 02, 2007
Horse hair that ghetto girls say is better than yo hair even though yo hair is nice and REAL
Dang girl my rainbow weave be poppin!
by Xxtiti_ramirezxX April 14, 2015
A hair extension. Often used by a black women and is woven or glued into ones hair.
"Did you see Tiana's weave?"
Tiana- "Don't call it a weave!"
by The beotch of the ghetto January 02, 2014
One of the biggest abominations in the world.

Not all black women wear it( I in fact find it quite disgusting along with any sort of FAKE hair)

Worn by lazy people.

Used as a "protective styling" excuse

" Lets riot against all the weave, and fake hair in our WORLD...hoo-raah!
by I'mHuman April 10, 2015
a womans best friend. dimonds are a close second.
girl 1: Honey did yo hair get longer
Honey thinking: wow she doesn't know that this weave is glued,
by keepinitrealnatural December 24, 2010
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