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Pronunciation: (WEH-thur-waks)
1. To display furious, confrontational behavior without actually intending to act on such emotions.
2. To engage in a grand or public, but ultimately embarrassing display of behavior.

1. A boor. A person who embarrasses those he is with.
Example: "Did you see Frank weatherwax that dude in the "Go Hogs" t-shirt?"

Example: "Kimmie's friend turned out to be a real weatherwax."
by DaHawk March 06, 2013
To weatherwax someone is to influence someone in a manner Granny Weatherwax would influence someone. Granny Weatherwax is a character on the Discworld created by Terry Pratchett. She is a witch, but on Discworld witches are the people who win the day and kick ass!
That guy just weatherwaxed me yesterday in the middle of the conversation.

Stop arguing before I weatherwax you!
by Some Native March 03, 2009
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