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Regional Australian slang
for soccer.

Wog being an offensive term for a either a dark skinned foreigner or an Italian.
Yanks are no good at wogball.
by Luke D Lorenz January 19, 2004
Australian rural slang for hard work.
Dervied from the very tough yakka wood.
Hard Yakka and no tucker left me flat out like a lizard drinkin
by Luke D Lorenz January 21, 2004
Puerto Rican Slang
An easy or sexually promiscuous woman.
Que ramera es la mujer esa.
by Luke D Lorenz January 18, 2004
Western PA for You guys.
Common with 'more rural' types.
You'ins watch the Steelers last night?
by Luke D Lorenz March 10, 2004
Anything other than a typical forcast.

An atmospheric environmental occurance that you actually notice.
The night before, near Abu Gharib (Iraq), it went from the usual dead calm to a pretty stout 20 knot blow from the West. That night it rained pretty heavy, and the whole next day was pretty windy. Other than that there's been essentially no weather.
-e-mail log from Prometheus Towers/Berg

Any weather up there?
by Luke D Lorenz January 18, 2004
People within a community or members of a social strata that bring a negative image to that group as a whole. Individuals a person would especially wish to avoid because of their reputation or intent. Also used for people you do not know who look shady or intimidating. Plural: Element
We don't want to stop here, there's element watching.

We saw element in South Philly.
by Luke D Lorenz January 18, 2004
Turkish slang for fuck.
Uncultured American English teacher:
"Hello class, today's phrase is: I'm sick."

by Luke D Lorenz January 21, 2004

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