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A young weasel that has evolved into a boy; will never turn into a man unless it evolves into a weaselman;
The weasel turned into a weaselboy at the age of 144.
by Weasel April 02, 2003
Term used to describe a chicken shit supervisor who throws his weight around but weasels out of challenging projects, tasks, jobs, or decisions.

Usually describes someone who is skinny and of small stature.

When it came time to evict the drunk, Weasel Boy dissappeared cause he had a bullshit call to go ot.

Weasel Boy fucked up on the project, and he blamed ourt whole group for his failure.
by Sunny Delight December 18, 2007
a boy who looks like a weasel AKA james from billericay
james, your a dirty little stinky weasel boy
but why??
cos i said so.
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