The act of bleaching the tips of one's pubic hairs to appear "frosted".
Queen: Girl, you wanna go to da movies tonight?
Wendy: Nahh girl, I gots an appointment to get my weasel frosting on!
by Velvet Dress February 20, 2011
Top Definition

1 : maintenance of a web journal or weblog; blogging, especially trivialities and the results of name generators, meme generators, and internet quizzes

2 : a name generator, meme generator, or internet quiz

3 : an expression describing the elusiveness of content on the internet; an expression of doubt

4 : bikini wax

(Etymology : weasel : Middle English wesele, from Old English weosule; frosting : unknown)
The Hobbit Name Generator is nothing but weasel frosting.
by Peony Boffin of Whitfurrows December 06, 2003

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