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A well-endowed woman's breasts, especially when showing cleavage, that is used to distract males from their day-to-day tasks.
"Whoa man, look at those fine WMDs!"
.. 5 minutes later ...
"So what exactly did I come here to do?"
by wackomenace August 28, 2004
Something that distracts large numbers of people from thinking about important issues.
For a few hours at least today, the heat will be off George W Bush as America switches focus from Baghdad to the Super Bowl. Maybe the Super Bowl will be the weapon of mass distraction that Bush has been praying for.
by afroken January 15, 2004
An extremely distracting thing or things. The object varies greatly and relatively to the person.
A super-nerd seeing a sweet, newly released computer during his PSATs.
by Marvin Berry December 09, 2004
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