A term used to describe a person, thing or situation that is exceptionally lame, and is often associated with physical weakness.
You can't do ONE push up!? That is weak sauce.

You're car is totally weak sauce!

Man, I don't want to go to Brad's house, that guy is weak sauce.

I can't believe we're lost! This is so weak sauce!
by Matthew Forcella February 02, 2009
Something which is pathetic. Can be one word or two.
That's such weak sauce man. You suck at life.
by Jesus M. Christ November 25, 2007
Term used throughout the east-bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek)to say something is lackluster, sub-par or not worth the effort.
The concert we went to last night was hella weak sauce.

Even thought my little bro spends hours practicing water-polo, he's still weak-sauce.
by NorCal dude July 31, 2009
Being useless, or bringing a group down in terms of spirit or intelligence or coolness.
Chandler Zedic is weak sauce because he never does anything right and is never in Toronto with the rest of us.
by Cool Kim January 08, 2010
to be very funny or stupid
yo that bitch is weak sauce
by BGallardo October 16, 2009
A noun or adjective used as a less offensive way of saying that someone or something sucks.
1. That throw was weak sauce
2. Have you seen his car? That thing is weak sauce
by guyfromipanema July 24, 2009
1:Being completly horrible at anything and everything you do.
2:Able to be defeated by a girl
3:Lack of knowledge when it comes to fighting
4:Living with you mother
5:Specifically Russ Hightower
" You are seriously weak sauce"
" I cant be seen with a weak sauce like you"
by Beairsto May 23, 2007

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