A woosy Philadelphia Eagle fan
At yet another playoff loss, the W-eagles skulked their way home...tails between their legs.
by bonnie_traid_in_boise January 05, 2010
Top Definition
A word synonymous with victory of the highest degree. Particularly referring to bad-ass wins of a college football season. Most appropriately used to chant the excitement of booze-laden collegians at Auburn University who enjoy rubbing the win they just scored over some team in said team's face post-Auburn Win. Most of the time followed by "War Damn Eagle"
non-auburn fan: "Damn our team lost to Auburn, we must be the complete Geeds of football"

Auburn Collegian: "Too bad you can't beat us. Weagle Weagle War Damn Eagle!!!"
by hoytietoity November 06, 2010
Australian Slang for West Coast Eagles. An Australian Rules football club.
"The Weagles lost the darby again". Or "Did you go to the Weagles game last weekend?"
by Doesn't actually follow footy November 20, 2008
To get near and up close to someone by wiggling, giggling and snuggling.
Come here, I want to weagle you until I go to sleep.
by Chris Athanas 2 August 23, 2009
describes the penis of a small, infant elephant.
What is that hanging on that elephant?

Must be a male; it's his weagle.
by CantpullforAU December 04, 2010
Will befriend you and then steal your shit.
Hey, it's me, Weagle, I used to stab bitches for their Shearlings.
by peewee April 07, 2004
you know what weagle means, don't you?
Julie and Melissa took the weagle and...well, you know.
by G money be in the hizzouse! July 27, 2003
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