ebew backwards, the term for losers and gayboys who actually write in to urban dictioinary then become an editor to reject every1s definitions and make sure theirs gets in.
i am going to be a webe by being a loser and gayboy who actually writes in to urban dictioinary then becomes an editor to reject every1s definitions and make sure mine gets in.
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by paddy mccleaver August 22, 2006
Top Definition
Slang for 'we are'.
We be goin' to tha sto'
by Patrick February 12, 2003
Pronounced "Wee bee"

1. A black person
Ex. of WeBe:

1. "We be goin' here."

2. "We be goin' there"
#webe #weebee #webes #weebees #weeebeee
by dude like woah March 21, 2007
An application that is built for and run from the environment of a web browser.
Today, web browser support many featurs and dunctionality and enable the development of complex applications.
WEBe examples: Online email boxes, Online word editors, Online stores managment systems
#online applications #web-based applications #dynamic websites #ajax #web 2.0
by Ophir Oren May 14, 2006
One who speaks or communicates through the ebonic language.
We be bad, we be hot, we be bad, and you not.
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
Another way to say, "Welcome Back".
Guy1: Brb

Guy2: Ok

**Ten Minutes Later**

Guy1: Back

Guy2: Webe
#we #be #back #welcome #greetings
by I know Victoria's Secret February 02, 2011
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