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ebew backwards, the term for losers and gayboys who actually write in to urban dictioinary then become an editor to reject every1s definitions and make sure theirs gets in.
i am going to be a webe by being a loser and gayboy who actually writes in to urban dictioinary then becomes an editor to reject every1s definitions and make sure mine gets in.
by paddy mccleaver August 22, 2006
5 12
Slang for 'we are'.
We be goin' to tha sto'
by Patrick February 12, 2003
39 8
Pronounced "Wee bee"

1. A black person
Ex. of WeBe:

1. "We be goin' here."

2. "We be goin' there"
by dude like woah March 21, 2007
15 4
Another way to say, "Welcome Back".
Guy1: Brb

Guy2: Ok

**Ten Minutes Later**

Guy1: Back

Guy2: Webe
by I know Victoria's Secret February 02, 2011
0 2
An application that is built for and run from the environment of a web browser.
Today, web browser support many featurs and dunctionality and enable the development of complex applications.
WEBe examples: Online email boxes, Online word editors, Online stores managment systems
by Ophir Oren May 14, 2006
4 6
One who speaks or communicates through the ebonic language.
We be bad, we be hot, we be bad, and you not.
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
5 7