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1.) A necessary phrase for people from Upstate New York due to the fact that every person outside of Upstate New York state seems to forget that there is an entire state called New York... not just the city.

2.) A way to greet other Upstate New Yorkers who have moved away from the god forsaken, over-shadowed, over-taxed and economically depressed hell hole of a region.

3.) The nearly aborted, red-headed step child of New York City.

*Alternative spellings - What's Upstate, WhatUpstate*
non-wdupstater: "Hello, where are you from?"
former wdupstater: "I'm from Elmira, NY."
non-wdupstater: "Ohhhh, is that Uptown?"
former wdupstater: "(sigh)NO! It's in WDUPSTATE NY!!!!"
by brYzmz August 10, 2009
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