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A "city" in the Southern Tier region of Upstate New York. Its inhabitants are usually stuck there and hate life because of it. The scenary is beautiful and the history is rich, but the overabundance of wanabe thugs, ex-cons, addicts, STD carrying whores and former psych-center patients roaming the streets has rendered this once thriving metropolis into a decaying shit hole of a city.
I used to live in Hellmira (and once wanted to move back to help the area grow) and now the only time I ever come back is during the holidays.
by brYzmz August 09, 2009
1.) A necessary phrase for people from Upstate New York due to the fact that every person outside of Upstate New York state seems to forget that there is an entire state called New York... not just the city.

2.) A way to greet other Upstate New Yorkers who have moved away from the god forsaken, over-shadowed, over-taxed and economically depressed hell hole of a region.

3.) The nearly aborted, red-headed step child of New York City.

*Alternative spellings - What's Upstate, WhatUpstate*
non-wdupstater: "Hello, where are you from?"
former wdupstater: "I'm from Elmira, NY."
non-wdupstater: "Ohhhh, is that Uptown?"
former wdupstater: "(sigh)NO! It's in WDUPSTATE NY!!!!"
by brYzmz August 10, 2009
A common response to Yankee fans who constantly call for Joe Girardi to be fired after every single fucking loss, even if it isn't Joe Girardi's fault.
DoucheNYYfan: "Bro, Joe Girardi sucks kid. He doesn't know what the fuck he's doing bro."

GirardiAdvocate: "The Yankees just swept the Red Sox in a 4 game series moron... GIRARDEEZ NUTS!"
by brYzmz August 09, 2009
1. An amazingly wise and unjudgmental observation from a usually reserved and humble person.

2. A nickname for an intelligent and deep soul who possesses the earthly name of "Bryce".

3. The plural version of a "bryzm" is "bryzmz".

4. Derived from an "-ism", except WAY deeper.
That dude just said the deepest bryzm I've ever heard... he said "your heart knows what your mind only thinks".
by brYzmz August 10, 2009

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