An anacronym standing for "World Championship Snooker". This is perhaps one of the finest snooker games ever to be made, not least due to the insightful commentary provided by Dennis Taylor.
Mate, you up for some wcs?
by The T Meister October 21, 2003
Top Definition
Acronym for "Worst Case Scenario"; that is, when the shit hasn't just hit the fan, but some jackass turned the fan on and the shit went sliding off it in every direction, smearing everything in it's path.
"What have you been up to all week?"
"I've been working on a WCS-fix for that idiot mistake that the accountant made on Friday. I figured that after enough time you'll ask me to fix it because nobody else knows how, so I may as well be prepared.
by livnah November 15, 2007
A girl that enjoys sucking on white cocks, phrase most often applied by jealous asian males.
Man, that girl is a total WCS, she won't even talk to you unless you're white.
by The Chen August 06, 2009
Literally stands/means Worst Case Scenario. Used to describe that fat swamp donkey hippopotamus slam pig that you would never talk to sober but are forced to make moves on once the club hits 330am.

Probably the worst looking girl or group of girls at the bar/club youre in so as you pass them by you look at your boys and say "WCS?" meaning if all else fails and youre not passed out drunk throwing up on yourself when the club is closing you got yourself covered. (And even if you do throw up all over yourself you could probably still bag these bitches up.)

A disgusting girl that would definitely blow/fuck you if you cant manage to get anything else that night
Yo u doin work tn?
Hell yeaaa. First Ima look for some bitches who are DTF but if that shit fails, Ima hit some WCS!

Yooooooo this club is full of fuckin WCS -letss goooo
by JustLOLok September 08, 2010
Wandering Cock Syndrome, what men have who can't stay faithful to one woman
Oh man Johnny has the WCS something fierce and I think his old lady is catching on, she went through his texts the other day!
by Lj13 December 03, 2009
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