1. A person who is technologically retarded.

2. To stare blankly at your computer monitor when a warning box appears, unable to read said warning box.

3. One who is unable to do the simplest tasks on their computer.
He asked me how to reply to an email. What a wazza!

When I said I was having problems with my mouse he said the cat would get it. Damn wazza.

Did you know wazza has gone through four computers at work? He should stop using the cd drive as a cup holder.
by the newted one January 25, 2005
Scouse (Liverpudlian) for 'hand-job'.
Kegsy gave Adam a wazza last night on the couch.
I need a quick wazza.
He's getting a wazza off Kegsy.
by O'sullivan December 21, 2006
A private school boy who is a chronically homophobic, but at the same time enjoys playing with his penis in front of other males.
Did you see that guy pulling a wazza last night?
He was actually touching other guys penises.
I think he's gay.
by chenzo August 30, 2006
A fucked-up whiny little bitch. Usually will attach itself to a group of people and refuse to let go
Fuck off wazza, you aren't welcome here.
by Jason February 01, 2005
a doOd that owns a Landscaping business in QLD.....
wazza... aka warren
Brad: hey WAzza howz it hanging??
WaZ: yeh.... did u fuk teegan?
Brad: yea, she was a dud tho :(
by Brad November 29, 2004

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