to take an item that does not belong to you
"see my new fone man ?waxed that shit yesterday "
by espee March 17, 2005
a word for sex so the elders don't know what you talkin about.
yo toots you wanna wax later
by aster March 12, 2004
verb, meaning to pass gas.
"Man, I've got to wax one!", or "Who waxed that one?"
by Matt Van Dyke May 09, 2006
The time of the month for a girl. Usually associated with PMS.On the rag!
Did you see how that girl reacted, she must be waxing!
by waxer mcfresh December 26, 2005
1.when you jizz on a gurls pants then you both end up passing out when you wake up the next morning stagnent jizz on her pants
2. thing that cavemen used to lite cave
3. stuff you put on a car to make like shiny
4. flying disks aka records
1. "damn Mike the water isnt coming off my pants with water" mike "come on gurl dont be mad you wont worry about the sain on your pants if you take them off again"
2. "damn cavemen you shouldnt of had cieling lights its like dodging burning rain down here"
3. "dude if you put enough wax on your car during a sunny day you can cause an acedent on the road"
4. dude game over wax broke and theres a piece in my leg,,, dude wtf wtf that was my vanilla ice record" other dude "man vanilla ice record damn theres only like 2 left everyone else makes an effort to get rid of shit from there house" dude with shit in his leg "dude really my leg is fucking gushing and you spent 30 seconds making a dumb joke ... ill see you in hell" then he flat lines
by mike March 19, 2005
describing someone's style
girl: "shiiiiiite.... that boy has some crazy wax... who's he tryin' to foo'??"
by stevo October 13, 2004
Fucking cocaine.
"Shit man, did you see how much wax I just snorted?"
by EK March 22, 2004

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