Someone who is emotional or says thing that are emotional. Especially in inappropriate situations or to someone who isn't expressive.
Her boyfriend keeps sending he "I love you" messages. What a watermelon !
by FeministPolymath September 08, 2015
Watermelon is made when god took a shit watermelons are gods babys they are god them selfs one day we will be praying to watermelons and if you dont than they are going to turn you into stone
watermelon please dont turn me to stone
by butter2015 May 27, 2015
The passion of a punk rock australian rice farmer and his friends- could be boobs could not
The australian rice farmer likes water melons
by 5sosiguess January 16, 2014
A term used primarily in Kendal, Cumbria, UK to describe the monthly torture women must endure. As per the phrase "It's like having your spine slowly ripped out from the bottom whilst simoultaniously birthing a large watermelon".
Arg, can't come out tonight, the watermelons are attacking

Oh, woe, for I am suffering with watermelons

It's watermelon week, bring me weed and chocolate
by Memma June 23, 2004
A term used to hide the fact u r really talkin bout weeed. Code if u will.
Dude, lets hav a watermelon sesh.

Na, mate skint as a dog.
by The J.I.M.P March 06, 2005
A watermelon is a name for a boy who is very amazing. He can always make you laugh and he never takes things to seriously. He is the type of guy that you look forward to talking to every day. He also loves big black pillows. He is very sweet and nice. He is never rude or mean, and if he is, that is because you have made him very upset or he is standing up for someone he cares about. He has a best friend that will always care for him, no matter what. His best friend will always be there, until the end.

It can also be a fruit.
Bradagain Borthwickson is a watermelon.

Watermelon is yummy.

Watermelon is handsome.
by urBFFLisAWESOME124 October 04, 2011
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