A domain, kingdom, plot of land, hood, territory, or any other area where one dwells and calls home.
I told that motherfucker Tyrone to never come around my waterfall again, now he dead!
by R. Rutherford November 11, 2010
1. a perpendicular or very steep descent of the water of a stream.

2. something resembling a waterfall.

3. a perpendicular or somewhat steep descent of bottom of a swimming pool, or another bowl made for skateboarding. used mostly for allowing experienced skateboarders to develop more speed and flow while riding said pools and/or bowls.

4. the type of skateboard terrain that is gayrab's biggest fear. one of many fears of the Southern California manatee.
"It's very interesting to note that E. Groff is still harboring ill feelings towards people whom of which favor skating waterfalls. He needs to grow up, learn how to skate, and quit his everday drivel and whining."
by name witheld June 17, 2004
A vagina that is so hairy it looks like a waterfall of hair over it
Damn that vagina is so hairy it looked like there was a water fall of hair over it.
by Big Dog JD June 12, 2011
to make a girl cum...made famous by Ludadris...
I gave my girl the ill Splash Waterfalls.
by 4 June 14, 2004
When a female sees a guy they think is very attractive, their vaginas get so wet it drips down intensely like a waterfall.
"Omg, its Joe he so fucking sexy!" Meanwhile in the vaginal area *WATERFALLSSSSS*
by JoeFatha September 12, 2012
To drink from someone else's bottle/cup by letting the liquid "waterfall" into your mouth. Waterfalling allows for you to drink without letting your lips touch the bottle/cup.
Dude, let me waterfall some of your Dr. Pepper.
by IggyMidomi May 12, 2014
A civilized way of saying WTF

You: I just chugged a six pack of coke.

Me: Waterfall?
by youshoe October 16, 2012

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