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1. The act of unconsciously ejaculating during daylight hours.

2. To suffer a wet dream during a mid-day nap.

Aw, shit! I took a nap after class and I totally groffed myself.
by StevieBarra March 25, 2009
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Groff Groffing: To groff When engaged in the Act off groffing Meaning when your in the heat of passion and Start to hear the Sound of Skin on Skin slapping; that is the groff and Hearing the balls making The slapping sound... Also is to groff.

Did you here him groff that chick last night i thought he was killing her

Man im totally gonna get my groff on with her after the pary fuck yeah!!!
by Chevy6969 October 28, 2010
Queer bag who attends social events without receiving proper notification. While attending these social events this queer bag thinks of himself as the life of the party while taking on large amounts of verbal abuse. When a "groff" latches on with a group, it is nearly impossible to shake them from it.
"Awww shit.... that fuckin' groff just showed up"
"What the fuck is groff doing here?"
"Who told groff about the party?"
by Bobby Light August 05, 2007
Someone who cannot spell correctly or say the word "peculiar". May be, perhaps, legally retarded and drives around in and Oldsmobile.
Man, Chris is such a freakin' groff
by i'llnevertell August 21, 2004
v. to eat voraciously without regard for manners, social norms, or the possibility of choking; mainly characterized by the forcing of food down one's gullet and a lack of chewing.
v. bill totally groffed that appetizer platter, i don't even think he chewed anything.
by Arthur Middleton February 15, 2008
An internet radio talk show host that could beat up Imus and Limbaugh in a sickening display of verbal machismo.
The Michael Groff Show rocked tonight!
by Aztecia September 13, 2007
A person, or persons, who are extremely unattractive, yet engage in a nauseatingly large amounts of sexual activity (or public displays of affection). It can be remembered easily by its acronym: "Gross Relationship's Outcome: Fugly Fetuses."
*Two unattractive people blatently make out in hallway*

Nina: Urg, I can't stand looking at that!
Laura: Yea, those groffs really need to get a room, or a cage in the zoo.
by LauraNewt April 17, 2006

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